Back from Never Never Land

…or not.

Well, folks, I’m back in good old NY, and am about to go to sleep for several hours. The housing hunt didn’t go as well as planned, but I managed to get a place. Problem is that it doesn’t open up till the 25th–the day my internship starts–so I’ll be spending time around Houghton until then, and I’ll run out some two weeks from now.

While this does make my previous journal entry a slight bit more melodramatic, it is good for several reasons. First off, I know where I’m staying and thus can pack more efficiently. Second and more importantly: it gives me two weeks further access to Cameron, who is any writer’s greatest resource. I hope you like coffee, my friend, for I intend to drag you to the coffee shop as often as I can for these next two weeks.

In other news: I have a huge suitcase of book ranging from sci-fi to religious essay (sometimes they’re the same thing, believe it or not), and am going to be beginning a summer reading list, which I will be posting up quite soon. It’s an ambitious list, and who knows if I’ll get it finished, but I’ll keep the list updated as I work on a separate page which should shortly be accessible through the top menu, right next to the New to the Storyboard? link.

Anywho, this is a tired me, signing off.



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