Back to Never Never Land

Well, I’m officially a member of the Castle Bluff community of Grand Rapids now. The apartment is nice, except for it’s lacking of a few things. Like friction on the bathroom floor. It’s slippery in there, so I’ll be picking up a little floor-mat first thing.

Other than that,  things are going well. I have no internet in my appartment, or TV, which is a blessing. I do have radio, but I only listen to NPR, which is the only thing really worth listening to in any case. I wish they would play more choral music, instead of orchestral, though. Oh, well, it’s not the end of the world.

I’m writing from the local Panera Bread, which has wireless internet. Hearafter, I declare this Panera Bread to be my Panera Bread, as it will be my primary source of communication with the outside world. I’m going to try to find a coffee shop as well, and I think I remember where a nice one is. In any case, I have a particular passion for Panera Bread because they give me Broccoli Cheddar soup in a sourdough bowl, plus a baguette for less than five bucks. Possibly my favorite meal, ever. It just lacks meat, which I will make up for tomorrow.

In any case, I aught to be leaving soon. I have much shopping to do before Prairie Home Companion comes on, and I must get it done.

I will hopefully have something insightful to post soon. Wait for me until then.


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