News from the land of Rivers

Well, one river, anyway. The Grand River. Well, the Rapids of the Grand River. Okay, the Panera in Grand Rapids.

Well, my computer’s still broke, but I’ve adjusted now so that its useable again. It’s just a pain in the rear to take anywhere, because I’m terrified of breaking it, so I’ll probably only be making internet once a week.

If it’s any consolation, it’s helping me work a bit more. I actually have one book review down, and another piece of fiction, both of which should be posted directly below this.

My reading is going well. I’ve got a library now, in addition to several book stores, and no small collection there. I’ve read two new Pratchetts in the last twenty four hours.

Things are beginning to look better. I’m off proofreading now, for a week, at least, and am back on macro-editing. If you don’t know what professional proofreading is like, it is terrible. Especially for a person who loves to get absolutely lost in books like me. It’s like looking at a Rembrandt portrait, and simply looking at each individual brush stroke, to make sure none of the bristles dragged.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the book review (Stephenson’s Zodiac) and the fiction.

See you next week,



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