Generic updates

Well, I’ve now found a library that doesn’t charge me for biscuits whenever I want to use the internet. Thank god for that.

I’ve added an immense amount to the reading list, in order to better reflect how the reading is going. The local library is being most helpful. There are a few titles I don’t remember off the top of my head, but for the most part it is complete.

In addition, I’ve added another bit to the Blogroll, a wonderful person aliased Pyrogene, keeps a blog, Even So, which I just stumbled on through Chughes‘ page. It has some wonderful reflections on the arts of writing that nobody should miss, and certainly nobody who prides themselves on fiction of the speculative variety. She thinks like a lit. major, but takes Science Fiction and Fantasy seriously, which I’ve found to be a rarity in these days and age (Tolkein not-withstanding).

Check it out.

I’m working on about three works of short fiction, one of which involves the other characters of the other short stories I’ve posted.

I’m hoping the characters Sera, Terri, and Rebecca will eventually come together in a novel, which I think might be tentatively titled Artifice.EXE. I’m adding another category, and anything to do with the work will be added.

And, as a final note, while I’m good, for the most part, chugging along under my own steam, I do so enjoy getting comments, especially intelligent criticism, and especially on my fiction. I won’t demand, but I wouldn’t mind a comment or two here and there.




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  1. chughes said,

    July 24, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    i will go to your archives and read.
    i’ve always meant to, but i forget or run out of time. There are many whose archives i’ve been meaning to explore.
    Though my crit probably won’t match the level of yours, i will give as much honest and helpful feedback as possible.


    Thanks much. I really do appreciate your feedback, even though I dont’ always respond to comments. I’m trying to do it more, nowadays, so that folks don’t think I’m ignoring them.


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