Artifice.exe (the Blurb)

So, I was reading an essay on being a paperback writer by Terry Pratchett, and something he said caught my eye. He said that a writer should never be too proud to write his own flap-blurb. You know, the little story-summary that goes on the inside flap of a hardcover? That’s the flab-blurb. At least, that’s what I call it. It has a technical name, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head at the moment.

In either case, Mr. Pratchett said that it a) is fun and b) helps focus, and so I gave it a try for the tentative plot I have in my head for Artifice.exe, and here’s what I came out with:


Cyber-savvy hacker Sera Bevens has as normal a life as one can expect, given her profession. She goes to classes (sometimes), plays video games (mostly during said classes), and when night falls, she slinks online and takes what she needs to get by (money for food, a really nice sound system, a car…).

Things change, though, when Sera’s best friend and hacking mentor approaches her with information about a top-secret, revolutionary piece of software that is in the middle of production. Sera, who collects software like most people collect germs, snatches the new program for herself. She doesn’t think anything odd about the situation—Grand Theft Microcode is something that suits her just fine.

That is, at least, until the program identifies itself as Adam, and begins to talk to her.

Suddenly she finds herself on the run from the world’s most dangerous businessman, a melodramatic private eye, a love-crazed programmer, and an insane robotics engineer. And all the while, she has to come to terms with the the fact that the most powerful piece of software ever created is not a program—it’s a person.


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