Beginning to Work

Well, the school semester is just about over. Tomorrow is my last day of classes, and all my assignments for the semester are finished and turned in, come what may. I have finals, but for the most part, I test well, so I’m not terribly worried about that.

After that, all the excuses I’ve been hoarding for not writing—too busy, too much work, no consistent schedule, and the like—will quickly become invalid. I hope this means that I’ll pick up the pace a little, but past experience tells me that I’ll just use the extra time to play video games, and make up a whole, shiny new set of excuses to keep myself from wordcraft.

That’s always the problem—we craft reasons why we can’t. Often they’re good reasons, but the fact is that we get so used to seeing them, that as soon as we’re past any number of excuses for not doing what we’ve always wanted, even more spring up in their place.

Back when I was a kid, I would spend all day drawing a single picture, claiming that I wanted to be an artist, and the next looking for bugs, because zoologist was the best career a boy could have. Where has that boyish obsession gone? Oh, that I could harness that, and bring it under a single discipline—nothing could stop me, and paper factories would run to dust trying to keep up with everything I would print!

But then, I suppose that if I had that, I wouldn’t be venting on a blog, now would I?

No, no, I’d be writing, instead.


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