On Break (official-like)

Hello, all.

I’m now, in every capacity, on break. I’ve technically been done with classes for the past week, but I only turned my final assignment in yesterday, and so this is the first full day of not-having to do anything. It seemed fitting to post something today, mostly because I told myself I wanted to write more over break, and it’s my experience that if you don’t manage to start something you want to do on the first day, it won’t happen at all.

So, I’m posting now, just for the sake of getting something on to the proverbial page—even though it might not have a lot of content.

I read a bit of Jane Kenyon, a poet who I quite like, today. I have a huge collection of selected works that was published after her death in ’95, and I’ve been reading from that. it made me remember that I wanted to write about what I was reading here—I’ve posted a few reviews of Stevenson novels, but nothing more. I’ll try and write something intelligent on other things I’ve been reading lately.

I’m trying to set myself a habitual writing-time. Two hours in the evening, I think. For right now, it’s between 9 and 11. A good two hours a day, no matter what, should be good for me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it up once the semester starts again. Keeping a consistent schedule up during class is one of the hardest things to do in college. You might try to set out an hour a day for writing, but there’s never a good time for it—one day your friends might be going to see a movie you really want to see, and another you might have enough homework to drown a salmon. There’s not much you can do to keep a consistent writing schedule besides let friendship and GPA go all to hell. And once you don’t have a consistent schedule, it’s the first thing to go out the window once you get busy.

Well, I’ll be trying to keep it over break, at least, and as much into the semester as I can manage. The key is to form a habit of it, and the sooner I manage that, the more ingrained it will be when I get out on my own—and that’s when the real test of this writer thing will be. It’s easy to be a writer when your not attempting to make your own living while your doing it.

Other projects I have for this break: I want to write some letters (genuine ones, with envelopes and stamps and everything) to some of my favorite writers. I’m not sure who I’ll write to. Part of my wants to try Pratchett and Gaiman, because they’re some of my favorites, but they’re also both well known. I can’t imagine they don’t have screeners for stuff like that. I wouldn’t blame them. I’d probably want one for myself, if I were a well known author.

I might send one to Pratchett, just for the heck of it. If you haven’t heard, he’s been diagnosed with a form of early-onset Alzheimer’s. I’m very sad about it, but he says he knows he has a few more books in him, and he ain’t dead yet. He sounds like a tough old guy, and even if he starts putting shoes in refrigerators, I would imagine he’d still have enough talent honed into prowess to write circles around most of the rest of us.

In other news, now that I’m no longer so busy I can’t think strait, I’m going to continue work on Artifice.exe, along with a bit of thinking about some of the other projects that got their birth fro the fiction class I took this past semester. I hope to post some of the short stories from that little bit, but some of them are quite long. I’ll see if I can pare them down, to the point where they are manageable.

So, with a bit of a course set down for how the next two and a half weeks aught to go, I think I’m going to start work on something. I’m not sure what, but I’ll know before I’m too far into it.

Thanks, all,



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