Creekbed, Dug Three Feet Deep

Hey, Hey,
Meet me down by the creek, okay?
Yeah, down by the creek, where we was yesterday, too.
Follow the path—right?—down to where it cuts across the creek,
Into that little meadow that’s turned sun-touched with dandelions.
Right down there, just a little past the girls’ dorm. 

(But don’t worry, there’s no girls there now.
It’s summer, it’s summer!
They’re all at home,
And we’ve got the creek to ourselves.
But not for long, because it’s August.
They’ll be back soon, so we have to hurry.)

Meet me down by the creek, okay?
Where we was yesterday—by the big rock that’s good to sit on
with sandwiches
without crusts.
We’ll dig some more, like we did yesterday. 

It’s pretty deep now, the pool we made
In front of the dam we made.
I know because
I went down there this morning when I woke up.
It’s deeper than it was, and the water’s going over top
Of the dam, so we can build it higher today.

 And make sure—cause just in case—to bring a long shirt,
Because those horseflys hurt like
Worse than hitting your toe on a rock
Or getting pinched by a crawdad.
So bring a shirt, so they can’t get at your back.
And bring some change, and we’ll go to the store
And get some candy, after,
Maybe some Swedish Fish
Or Sour Patch.

Meet me at the creek. I’m heading down there now,
On my bike,
So hurry up, I don’t like waiting around for you
(Because the girls in the girls’ dorm
Are coming back so soon).

 And we can dig deeper and deeper, and
Pile up what we dig out of our pool onto our dam,
Until our summer is so deep we could dive in headfirst,
And swim and hide from the horseflies in the flowing stream. 

We got to hurry,
Cause school starts up again,
And every year, the dam’s destroyed
As anger management for a freshman
Who’s failed a test.



  1. cassandrajo said,

    December 23, 2007 at 5:26 am

    DK, I love this! I like the way you use a child-like tone… that was your idea, wasn’t it? I love the line about the meadow being “sun-touched with dandelions,” and the place where you say, “until our summer is so deep.”

    I’m glad to see some of your work! I hope maybe I can see more. I’m planning to post whatever I come up with during break. And you’re very welcome for the Christmas card. :)

  2. Cameron Gayford said,

    December 26, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Gorgeous, DK. This is one of my favorites of your poems so far–what prompted this, or has it been coming for a while? Hmm… makes me want to write today. Here’s to the hope for summers that are that deep–maybe I’ll see you there, my friend.

    Keep on plugging with Artifice, by the way–sometimes piecemeal is the way to go, you can always fill in the gaps later, and you’ll never know quite where the characters will take you when you just let them go where they want. Interested to see what you do with that, DK. Merry Christmas (because it’s still the Christmas season, we’re not to Epiphany yet!)

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