Hullo to the World of Tomorrow

Hullo, everybody, happy new year!

Yes, I know it’s march, but it seems appropriate, given that this is my first post in 2008. I’m afraid that a bout of extreme linguistic lethargy combined with a pleasantly busy semester have kept me away from anything even remotely resembling writing, exception given to a few hours a month and the occasional assignment/contest entry. However, I feel the lethargy beginning to shake off, and a firm coat of dissatisfaction replacing it: I’m annoyed at myself if I have to be honest, because of my own lazy nature. But if a bit of depression is enough to bring me down, what good am I, anyway?

I’ve had a really busy semester, but in a good way. A healthy amount of work that has kept me reasonably responsible in the academic sense, anyway. And it’s apparently paid off, on account of I’ve gotten nice little awards/honorable mentions as an excellent student in both my majors. I’m a little proud of both, and trying not to be too proud. The last thing I need it to get a big head about myself; I’ll get too top-heavy and fall over all the time.

I’ve started a poetry publication, which I’m wanting to make a separate blog for, just so I can let you know just what’s up. The title is The Woven Thread, and it is a sort of e-newsletter/poetry workshop. Hopefully, it will take off delightfully, and we’ll be able to keep it going. I’ll post more about that later.

Artifice.exe, since I know you’re all so curious, is coming slowly but surely. Every time I think about it, it changes ever so slightly. It’s slowly becoming very political and economic, which is normal for a work of cyberpunk. I’m thinking of starting a separate blog reserved only for that, and save all my faithful readers here from having to suffer through the trials and tribulations of a novelist.

I’ve submitted a poem and a short fiction to my local literary journal, but I think they’re too long to make it in. I’ll post them here, once they’ve been rejected and tweaked a bit, I’ll post them here.

Now, I’m afraid, I must run off to study the stars in astronomy lab. They’re good fun—especially Betelgeuse. A good star, that one.



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