Operation Begin – Artifice.EXE

Artifice.EXE – Current word count: 958

The actual writing of the novel has now begun. Only about  two pages worth of begun, but it has started. From here on, all posts regarding the tentatively titled Artifice.EXE will begin with a word count, just so I can map my progress properly.

I wrote, in my last post, about starting another blog devoted exclusively to the writing of the novel, but I decided against that. This blog isn’t updated enough as it is, so splitting the posts between two wouldn’t do any good to anyone. In addition, this blog is supposed to be my literary musings, which by all rights includes my novel-working. So non of my readers (if, in fact, I have any) get to escape.

Once again: I hope to be able to pick up on writing more often again. It seems to be working thus far, but I’m trying to avoid being all resolved about it. A resolution fails pretty quickly, but a habit takes work to break.

In other news, I’m going to be posting a bit about The Woven Thread soon, as well as adding a link to Chase’s new project: Half Pound Poetry. Check it out, myself and a number of other poets are on it as well as Chase, and we get some quality material every once in a while.

Now, instead of writing about writing, I’m going to write for an hour, before class begins.



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