Feeling better

Starting to feel a bit better. Strep throat is no fun at all. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

But I’m back at work now, and I suppose that means that I’m not allowed to take any more time off writing either. So, back to the grind.

I used the opportunity of my little illness to finish up Cryptonomicon, so be expecting a little bit of a review on that coming up. I’ve got a couple other books I’m considering for review as well. I’m currently reading The Difference Engine, by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. A little bit of Steampunk going. So I hope to be able to get some news up on that too.

I think I’m going to try to shift this blog away from the dear-diary sorts of posts (even though I find that those do serve their purposes) towards a more industry sort of deal. Reviews, news, discussion, and the like. So hopefully you’ll be hearing less about my personal life (which, no offense to the entire genre of memoir, is not that interesting) and more about what I’m interested in.

I’m going to add a page at some point or another entitled ‘my library,’ which is a list of books I have currently on my shelves. I haven’t read all of them (thus the page will be different than ‘current reading’) but I hope to at some point. If any of the books on that page interest you, let me know, and I’ll post up a little review of what I have read, and if I haven’t read it yet, I will read it, and then post a little bit.

I hope to be able to get that up later tonight.

Also, I hope to be able to post about about my progress on Artifice. I haven’t talked about that in a while, because progress has been choppy at best, but I’m going to be able to start hacking a little more into it at some point. It’ll be good fun.

Now, back to work.

EDIT: I updated my current reading page as well, so that it was, well, current. Anything that’s on there that I’ve read, feel free to ask for a review of that as well. And if it appears I’ve never even heard of a book you really like, feel free to let me know. I’m trying to expand my reading a bit, so it’ll be a big help if I could get some input. Thanks.


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