GoodReads and Locus

So, I now have an account on Goodreads. It actually feels like a pretty slick setup to me. It’s user friendly and intuitive, so if you’re interested you should head on down and sign up.

If you do, add me as a friend, so I can pick your brain for good books.

I’m starting to post my reviews up there as well, but I looked back at two of my older ones, and they’re both pretty rough. I might be re-reading some things, and then re-reviewing them. But I need to hack through my current list, before any of that happens.

Also, I completely forgot to link to Locus, which is a partially online SF magazine. It’s a good resource. Go check it out.

In other news, I’m thinking of perhaps shelling out a bit of money to go independant. WordPress is good fun and all, but I’m starting to feel the cramps of not being able to design my own webspace. So, yeah. That’s that.

And now, I must now go and be a code monkey.

Good luck, all.


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