Home from Myrtle Beach

Hullo, all,

We are now back from Myrtle Beach. The reason I couldn’t post the past two days was because we were on the road constantly. No internet in cars. Well, not yet at least.

As fun as it was to chill on the beach and the like, there’s something deeply satisfying about being home. I never sleep very well unless I’m in my own bed, so it felt very good to get slip into it when we got home at midnight last night. I woke up this morning, a little depressed that I had to go to school within 24 hours, but overall doing fairly well. I’m finding school satisfying, if a little troublesome at the moment.

Houghton is doing a writer’s retreat this coming weekend, and I’m one of the two people on the planning comitee. The other person is also the editor of the local literary magazine, which comes out in two weeks, so that means that I’ll be picking up a fair chunk of slack this week while she works towards that end—these last weeks are crazy, and she’s a very hard worker, so it’s extra rough for her. It means I’m going to be busy too, on account of needing to rush about and secure snacks/catering plans/schedules at the last minute.

We’re having Daine Komp come in, read a bit from her novel The Healers Heart, which is an interesting read thus far. Haven’t finished it yet. The subject of the conference is going to be on the dichotomy of the social and contemplative roles of writers (should we be changing the world, or observing it, basically).  Be expecting some posts to that effect after this week ends, because it’s a subject I like talking about.

In other news, research for my school projects is going well—lots of work, but enjoyable. I’m curing AIDS with computers power. Huzzah.

I’m feeling pleasantly fresh from this vacation, which is unusual. Normally when I travel over break, I come back exhausted. Right now, I feel like I actually have the energy/time to do everything I need to do.

It’s on my mind that the real test starts now: writing fairly consistently over break is the easy part, trying to do it through actual work is more challenging. But then, it’ll be good to just consider it practice for writing while holding down a 40 hr/week job.

I think I’ve got a good feel on things.

And now that I’ve managed to dear-diary for long enough to assuage my conscience about spending today lazing about, I think I’ll actually get some work done.

Wish me luck ladies and gents.