The Woven Thread

The Woven Thread was an idea based on the late-90’s early 2000’s newsletter entitled WorkingPOET.

The idea was simple: a monthly e-newsletter was sent out to all subscribers, containing an editorial, some useful information for poets, and most importantly, and anthology of poems, written by the newsletter’s subscribers. It was a workshop newsletter/journal. Anyone who wanted to could submit one poem a month, and they would be included in the anthology of poems. The only thing the readership had to do in return was review the poetry their fellow poets wrote.

The newsletter ran for four years, eventually getting a subscriber base of around 300, which is significant for a small-time e-newsletter. Unfortunately, Bob Hudson—the editor-in-chief of the journal—had another kid at around the fourth year, and WorkingPOET was eventually but to sleep due to time-management needs. Kids before work, after all.

I had the privilege of working with Mr. Hudson over the previous summer, and we spoke about the journal and I, with his permission and the help of a number of fellow writers, am using his idea to begin a new publication.

So, we called it The Woven Thread, and the first issue was sent out March 2008. The concept is simple: write a poem and submit it. Then, when your poem is published, you review the work of two other poets who submitted to the same anthology you did. Thus, everyone is connecting with everyone else, and slowly a community is built.

WorkingPOET proved that this idea could work, and work well, but in order for it to fly, we need poets to submit poems.¬† So, if you’re interested, please direct all submissions to If you wanted interested in writing for us, but would still like to receive the journal each month, feel free to send us an e-mail mentioning that as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

(The Woven Thread is headed by David King, but would be utterly impossible without the additional editorial support of Chase, Cassie, and Cameron, the ever-faithful and brilliant editorial staff. Stop by their blogs—except Cameron’s, since he doesn’t have one—and show them a little love.)


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  1. Marjorie Gray said,

    April 23, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    I’m just back from the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing. Thankfully I saw Bob Hudson there & he told me about The Woven Thread, since I so much enjoyed Working Poet.
    Please add me to your list. Hopefully you’ll then send me the March & April issue–& I’ll be glad to comment on others’ work & submit something for May if it’s not too late.
    Marjorie Gray

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